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    The city Florencio Varela has a population of more than 420,000 people. It is located between the Federal Capital and the city of La Plata, Florencio Varela is a city populated with immigrants who came from Spain, Portugal and Japan.

    Like any city that grows fast, it has an urbanized area with the presence of small industries and on the periphery it has agricultural activities of great importance for the region. It has a Security department that manages its own monitoring center with more than 150 cameras distributed in the city.


    At the beginning of 2014, Mayor Julio Pereyra held a series of meetings with local judges and prosecutors, due to the growing problem of gender violence, they began to evaluate with the mayor the best way to guarantee the safety of female victims.

    From the Prosecutor’s Office that is in charge of each investigation, they explained that the problem was mainly related to the fact that the men had repeat offenses and they broke the restrictions at home as well as other judicial measures.

    From the municipality they were looking for an alert system for victims of gender violence, which would make it possible to immediately notify the authorities of any emergency situation to allow their quick assistance.


    According to the city security policies, Mayor Julio Pereyra managed the implementation of the AlertTel panic button with the aim of preventing and assisting victims of cases of gender violence crimes.

    The anti-panic button allows that in an emergency situation, the victim can trigger an alert through her cell phone, which immediately gives notice to a group of personal contacts and the city security department, which sends a notification to a local police mobile to assist the victim.

    The AlertTel panic button works on any cell phone. In an emergency, it notifies 5 personal contacts and the city security department at the same time. The alert is monitored for 20 minutes and allows controlling the response times and the protocols.

  • The Panic Alert Button for cell phones works by simply pressing the number 8.

    The system is granted by court order to victims of situations of gender violence.

    The system is articulated with the monitoring center, the C.P.C and the community guard.

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